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Let's build your projects together


Since 1987, CARIF has helped drive the development of many professional projects in different fields of the flour industry.
Project management involves several steps, and we are here to help you to achieve all or part of your project within a defined timeframe.

  • The project definition, which has to take into account several criteria :

  • The customer's production capacity

  • The configuration of the production site

  • The product definition, which is carried out in tight cooperation with the customer:

  • The technology required / The manufacturing process

  • The recipe and the raw materials used (specifications)

  • The development of the product in our laboratory

  • The cost estimate of the materials employed

  • The production of samples for buyers and tasting panels

  • The equipment :

  • Study of your legacy on-site equipment and the necessary adaptations
  • The definition of the material required (if no legacy equipment) and assistance in producing product specifications
  • The preliminary tests, possibly extending to the different suppliers 

  • The start-up of the production line

  • The training of your staff :

  • The work organization (layout, hygiene, …)

  • The definition of quality standards and on-line controls

  • The project handover :

  • The handover of the full project package and customer-led validation

  • The ongoing technical assistance on demand

You can choose the assistance you are looking for on your current project from the list below.


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