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direct breadmaking technology; frozen bread making technique; packaged finished products conservation

TECHNOLOGIES : the key of your succes


Through our experience and presence in France and the international marketplace, CARIF is at the leading edge of its sector of activity.

Since the outset, CARIF has never stopped developing its research Laboratory so as to enable customers to benefit from the most advanced technologies.


Our technicians are constantly on hand to develop the technologies you are looking for.



Fresh or direct bread-making

This technology is proposed for products that are not particularly difficult to work with but for which a resolutely professional approach helps develop taste and specific textures.

Frozen bread-making

The use of freezing offers  great flexibility in the organization while letting bakers provide quality product.

This technology is suited to a large quantity of products.

We have developed new techniques such as pre-risen or pre-cooked in the frozen bread-making sector.


Flaky pastry and laminated dough

This technology helps deliver a wide variety of finished products.

Our range of ingredients covers all these needs :

  • Croissants, chocolate croissants, brioches,  with freezing technologies or non-risen

  • Pancakes, appel turnover,…

Packaged softness

Our specific exclusive ingredients provide the appearance, texture, and conservability required for all types of packaged products (brioches, crepes, sandwich loaf, …).

This technology allows the product to remain soft for 6 months.

Product conservation

Our wide range of ingredients intended for the conservability of the final product is particularly diversified.

Very innovative in this sectore, we offer to our customers different types of ingredients :

  • Natural or non-matural origin conservatives

  • Ingredients intended for gas scavenging

  • Ingredients incorporated to the product

In addition to these ingredients, we also put at your disposal our experience of good hygiene practices.

Liquid natural levains

This type of ingredients combines many assets at both marketing and technical levels.
Indeed, in addition to being a natural improver, liquid levain offers a lot of advantages :
  • Softness and product conservability
  • Typical flavour 
  • Honeycombing and colour of the crumb 
  • Crispness and colour of the crust
  • ...

We offer several references of liquid natural levains. 

The Bio

We offer several references certified Bio corresponding to different categories of ingredients :

  • Flour corrector
  • Improver for brioche, Viennese pastry 
  • Improver for bread
  • Improver for pre-cooked
  • ...