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30 years of experience at your service

France Toulouse

CARIF emerged in 1987 in the Toulouse area as an initiative led by Guy DE LA SERVE, physicist, chemist flavourist geniunely passionate about bread and dough in general. The CEO of CARIF is actively engaged in providing customers with custom-tailored support on each project, backed by a team of technicians trained to apply the same commitments and to give the best of their skills.


CARIF provides a range of ingredients covering all the needs of the flour sector professionals. The efficiency of the products proposed brings innovative solutions to very different businesses : miller, baker, confectioner, caterer.

These ingredients exclusive to CARIF are formulated, produced, and marketed in our production facility in the south-west of France.

With over 25 years in the business, we helped pioneer the expansion of frozen food (co-inventors of "frozen food technology" with a patent registered in 1981), so customers requiring this technology (some 100 companies in France and a few abroad) turn to our company and continue to trust us with partnering the evolution of their manufacturing techniques.

DLS développement, our sister company, has wholeheartedly engaged in handling the evolution of the profession alongside customers in France and abroad.